Σάββατο, 9 Απριλίου 2016

Every new street

The journey towards enlightenment is endless, as the most important journeys always are.
In every trip I find one more missing piece of myself. Each travel is unique, especially the ones to unknown places.Collecting the vibes of the neighborhoods, their people and their cultures, the buildings and the parks, from the oldest to the newest ones. This is what completes my soul, bit by bit, helping it grow and become what it is meant to be. Even the most ordinary places have their own stories imprinted and stored in their streets, the air, the atmosphere. And if it is a place I have walked before, with any new visit there will be new energy instilled in the mixture and will add yet another piece of my puzzle, one that I did not know was missing. 
Just like an image that gradually reveals itself before me, not only from being out of focus, but also showing its real size and glory. 
For we are each part of the universe and the universe is part of each of us. 

Τρίτη, 1 Δεκεμβρίου 2015

It is so difficult to love people...

To love others means to care about them. It means that you want them to be happy. No matter how far away you may be, you think about them and you want their lives to be good. And if you find that there is something unpleasant happening to them, you want to go and fix it straight away, you want to protect them from everything and anything unpleasant. But you can't always do that, it's not as simple and often not possible at all. Because the things that make life complicated and some times hard, are very often out of our control. 
It is so difficult to love people... It includes that a piece of your heart is with the people you love and it gets hurt when they do, it skips a bit when they are happy, it shares hopes and dreams and disappointments.
It is so difficult to love people... It changes you in ways you never imagined. It changes you and you don't even resist. It completes you and makes you a greater person. But it is so difficult, in all its glory and magnificence, it is so damn difficult to love people and care for them without being able to provide everything they need for a happy, full life. It is most difficult to love people, when it is this love that makes you leave them, because this might be the best for them. And it is so much more difficult to love people from afar...

Κυριακή, 19 Ιουλίου 2015

''Look where you want to go...

... or you will go where you were looking at''.
This was one of the first things my driving instructor told me when she first put me in the driver's seat. I hadn't heard this before and I was too worried about other things at the time. But it is really important when you're driving, isn't it? Especially when you actually know how to drive, your hands will slightly stir towards where you're looking at, without you realizing it. The same thing happens when you walk as well. If you think about it, this also applies in life. And the wheel of life is how you think, act, react and make decisions. That's why role models are so influential, this is what mentors are thee for. To help you focus on where you want to go. This is how we are wired and there's no changing that. If you keep looking back, you won't be able to move forward. If you keep looking down, or even at your own level, you won't rise higher. This isn't just about ambitions and career, it is purely subjective to define what is forward or higher for you. Still, if you focus on the past or the small picture, you will be stuck where you are. Focus on the long run and see the bigger image, that's where your fulfillment is and this is what will draw you to it, this is what will make you take each step towards it. 

Τρίτη, 26 Μαΐου 2015

24 ωρες Κρητης

Μια αγκαλια που μου ειχε λειψει για 3 χρονια. 
Το φιλι της κρητικης θαλασσας που τοσο λαχταρισα.
Και τοσο μεγαλη που ειναι η Κρητη, ειχε κι αλλη μια παραδεισενια γωνια για να ανακαλυψω.
Να φταιει ο ηλιος, να φταιει το νερο, να φταιει η αλμυρα στον αερα; Για καποιο λογο παντως, ο καφες εχει αλλη γευση εκει, σαν υγρο βελουδο δροσερο.
Και που να φανταστω οτι θα ξαναβλεπα το αυτοκινητο μου;! Τοσο παλιο, τοσο μικρο, τοσο ταλαιπωρημενο, μα με τοσες αναμνησεις και περιπετειες φορτωμενο!
Και η πιο απροσμενη εκπληξη, στη νταλα του μεσημεριου αγναντευοντας τη θαλασσα απο καπου να παιζει το τραγουδι που σημαδεψε τα πρωτα χρονια μιας τρελης κι ατελειωτης περιπετειας. Να θυμιζει αλλους καιρους και αλλα μερη, μα εξ'ισου εντονα χαραγμενα μεσα μου, εξ'ισου σημαντικα για αυτο που ειμαι τωρα. Ενα τραγουδι οχι πολυ γνωστο, κομματι που παιζουν κυριως εκεινες τις μικρες πρωινες ωρες, που ομως παντα τις νιωθεις τοσο μεγαλες...
Μια βολτα στους μεθυσμενους δρομους του νησιου, μια σταση στην απιστευτη βαρκα αραγμενη στην ακρη ενος βουνου - η θαλασσα χιλιομετρα μακρια κι ακομα απορω πως βρεθηκε εκει!
Το χαμογελαστο καλωσορισμα μιας γυναικας που παντα θα θαυμαζω κι ας μην της το'χω πει.
Ολα αυτα, μεσα σε 24 μονο ωρες. Παντα ηξερε να με ταρακουναει γερα αυτο το νησι κι αυτη τη φορα μαλλον του ειχα λειψει κι εγω...

Σάββατο, 9 Μαΐου 2015

The things you do for yourself

Remember that night in November when we went swimming in the sea and it was 4 degrees outside?
How about when we drove 460km in one afternoon just for fun?
And when we were driving down a mountain and we were stopped by a group of free range bulls, we were in a red car as well!
Oh, how many amazing nights at the beach, with fire, alcohol, friends or just the stars!
And so, so many more...
All those unexpected things, the crazy nights and the spontaneous adventures. When the vibe of the group was so great and the crazy ideas lead to such fantastic times. In those memories, there are no selfies, no online check-ins, no phones or distractions at all, actually. This is exactly why these memories are so clear and intense. We truly lived the moment to the fullest and we needed nothing more to be happy.
This is the kind of experiences that we don't need to brag about, we don't want to share them with anyone who wasn't there. We may not have been friends with all of them, some we may not even remember their names. But we remember how awesome it felt, to follow the moment, to live for the here and the now. An idea came up, we felt it, we did it. That is the real fun, the things you do for yourself.

Κυριακή, 19 Απριλίου 2015

Grey Sundays

Even though everything is gray and kinda chilly outside, you want to keep the window open, get glimpses of the lazy life down at the street, feel the fresh air between your hair and a great book on your lap. A lazy Sunday evening indeed. You allow the music to mix up and mess up your emotions, your memories, your dreams... Just like when we were teenagers, although back then there weren't as many memories... The dreams? We never stopped dreaming, aren't you glad? The intensity of moments long gone, the desire for future moments... The longing for pleasant surprises of life, the recklessness of refusing to shield up for the bad things that may come... So, what if they come? You know us, we can face anything. There will always be evenings like this, times of peace, love for a blessed life. How wonderful would it be if we could share this feeling? This feeling is the answer to the question 'Are you happy?' How rarely people ask this question though... Are they afraid to ask, or are they afraid they might be asked the same thing? 

Δευτέρα, 20 Οκτωβρίου 2014

Memories, unfiltered

Photo by Misa the Great
Moments with family, times with the people who are precious to you. Great times with friends, unique experiences, moments of triumph and big achievements. Simple walks in nature, admiring beautiful sunsets and wonderful scenery. Discovering secret beaches, rare flowers, or just cute animals.
That moment when your pet does the most unexpected thing, or when your child makes their first steps. When your other half smiles happily. The day that you moved in your new house, or the first drive in your new car. A friend's wedding or your birthday party.
All kinds of memories are surely fuller, more clear, intense, detailed and maybe even staying with you for longer, if you are focused on the moment. When you open all your senses to the things that make a moment special. 
But, if you are only focusing on which filter you should use on your camera, or which angle you should go with, how will you later remember the way you felt at that moment? If you see the memory only through your lens, what feeling will manage to be imprinted in your heart? 
My opinion? Unless you are an actual photographer at work or an inspirational peak, put your camera down and live life with both your eyes open and your hands free to embrace the world.